Standards Test Training

The great thing about the Standards Check is that you get to select the route, topic and the pupil. 


You not only want to show the SE how good a teacher you are, you also want to give them a pleasant drive.


Test Drive the route and make notes of difficult areas on it such as one-way streets, difficult junctions, double mini roundabouts, so that you are ready for them with your pupil. The route should take about 45 minutes to cover. Make sure you are aware or any roadworks that may have been set up, as this may extend the time it takes to get around the route.


Select the Topic: Make life easier and more manageable by choosing topics that are tailored to your selected route and to the standard of your pupil. You don’t have to stick to one topic, you can have a mix of topics to deal with. For example you can deal with Cross Roads, Pedestrian Crossings, Roundabouts, make sure that you pick up any faults so that these could be addressed correctly which is exactly what the examiner will be looking for on the day.


Select the Pupil: Although the SE will be assessing your ability to instruct and not your pupils ability to drive, nervous pupils, slow learners and novice learners can make life a lot more difficult than it needs to be. Select a pupil that you feel comfortable teaching, someone who is near test standard, and someone who responds well to the Q/A technique.


Present yourself at the test centre early and let the SE know you are there for your Standards Check. When the SE walks out to you, shake his/her hand and walk them to your car. On the way to your vehicle, you should talk the SE through some background information about the pupil using a progress sheet or student logbook and about the lesson you intend to give.

In particular you should let the SE know:


Whether the person is a regular pupils of yours

What you know about the pupil’s progress (using a progress report or student logbook)

What professional instruction the pupil has received

Whether they are having any private practice

Any strength or weaknesses of which you are aware

Your lesson plan



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